Bourkes and Studio 64 Partner to save lives

Saving Lives Together: Bourkes and Studio 64 Unite to Install a Life-Saving Defibrillator in Lathlain

A Partnership with a Heartfelt Purpose

In a heartwarming display of community spirit and shared values, Bourkes has joined hands with Studio 64, the family-oriented childcare and co-working centre, to introduce a publicly accessible defibrillator at Studio 64’s Lathlain hub on Lathlain Place. This powerful initiative aims to protect and support the wellbeing of the entire community, providing a critical life-saving device that can make all the difference during emergencies.

An Aspirational Union

Studio 64, with its unwavering focus on family wellness and care, was founded to create a nurturing environment for children while offering a supportive co-working space for parents. Studio 64 was established in 2016 starting in South Perth and recently, in July 2022, expanding to Lathlain. Since its establishment, the South Perth service has been awarded the prestigious ‘Exceeding’ rating under the National Quality Standard for childcare, reflecting its commitment to excellence.

When Studio 64 set out to find a donation partner for the defibrillator, Steven Webster from Bourkes was a perfect fit. Having experienced the loss of a relative due to a heart attack, Steven dedicated time to researching heart disease in Australia. His findings shed light on the integral role defibrillators play in significantly improving survival rates during cardiac emergencies.

The Life-Saving Impact Potential

Steven Webster emphasises the critical importance of defibrillators in emergencies. “Having access to these life-saving devices within the first minute of a heart attack increases the average survival rate to an astounding 90%. 

Every passing minute without defibrillation reduces this chance by an additional 10%.” Given the 20,000 sudden heart attacks in Australia each year, easy access to defibrillators is crucial for reducing fatalities. 

Chanele Duscher, representing Studio 64, shares her own experience with incidents where timely access to defibrillators could have been life-saving. “Access to these devices in the community is paramount”, as she recounts an incident where a defibrillator was listed in an online database, only to be found locked away in a private residence. 

Chanele’s collaboration with Steven Webster ensures that the new defibrillator at the Lathlain hub will be readily available to the community, providing peace of mind to parents and caregivers, knowing it can also be used for children.

A Partnership for the Greater Good

With both Bourkes and Studio 64 sharing the same community-oriented values, the installation of a publicly accessible defibrillator at Studio 64’s Lathlain centre symbolises their commitment to the wellbeing and safety of the community. 

This partnership is a testament to their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of the residents of the City of Victoria Park and surrounding suburbs.

In a world where community support and wellbeing are non-negotiable, Bourkes and Studio 64 exemplify what it means to be true community leaders. 

This partnership transcends traditional business collaborations, standing as a heartfelt testament to the power of compassion and unity in promoting a safer, happier, and healthier community for everyone.

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