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Rents cannot be raised more than six monthly.

With a fixed-term lease, if the owner is going to increase the rent during the term of the lease it must be in the contract as a condition of the lease.

It can either refer to an increase of a dollar amount, such as $10, or alternatively it can stipulate a method of increase, such as the Consumer Price Index.  Only one method per rent review is permitted.  The owner must provide a 60 day notice period of the new rental price.

If a tenant is on a periodic lease, the owner must give a 60 day notice period of the new rental price provided that the rent had not been increased in the previous six months.

If sending the notice by post, it is advisable for owners to add six days on top of the mandated 60 day notice period to allow for postage delivery.

No.  If the owner does not honour his or her obligations under the lease agreement the tenant is not legally able to withhold rent.

If a tenant withholds rent, they may be issued with a Notice of Breach of Agreement.

Not more than four times each year.  Inspections must be held between 8am and 6pm.  Tenants must be advised if the inspection is before midday or after midday.

The Residential Tenancies Act states that the owner or agent may enter the property for the purpose of showing the premises to prospective purchasers, at any reasonable hour and on a reasonable number of occasions, after giving tenant reasonable notice.

This can be in writing or by mutual agreement, such as a phone conversation or a person to person chat.

In other words, this is not expressly defined but common sense and courtesy must prevail.

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