The 3 main trademarks of a QUALITY real estate company

Did you know there are 85 real estate companies operating in South Perth alone? Wowie!

Not the easiest task for a vendor to separate the wheat from the chaff, but knowing what to look for in an agency goes a long way in solving the problem.

You see, we believe that there are 3 traits that all great agencies share, and that a quality real estate company can demonstrate excellence in each!

Why not ask your next real estate sales representative how their company stacks up?

1. Organisation – process, process, process

A quality real estate agency is abuzz with procedure and policy. It helps keep all sales representatives focused and aligned, and aids in creating a collaborative environment where sales representatives are colleagues, not competitors. This ultimately benefits you, the vendor, because you get to work with not just “a sales rep”, but with a whole business ready to support you in selling your home!

2. Recognisable brand

A quality agency has a recognisable brand. A brand that has meaning, and that doesn’t just serve the purpose of giving the individual sales representatives a logo to stick on their business card. Well-branded and well-managed agencies apply a level of quality to everything they do, and their brand messaging, voice and methods transcend the individual sales rep profiles.

3. Likeable and local

Quality agencies are local heroes. They live and breath their local area and are involved in the broader community. Why? Because it signifies that the agency is concerned about its longevity and its image in the local area. Only if you want to be liked for a long time  do you put in the time and effort to get to know the local business owners and the local school principal. And guess what, an agency that cares about being somewhere in 30 years from now also cares about quality of services, because the two go hand in hand!

A company that exudes these three traits will deliver a consistent quality service, and you’d be very wise to question an agent on how their agency stacks up! After all, no real estate representative works in a vacuum, and having the support of a well-organised, well-recognised and well-liked agency can make or break your selling experience.

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