Top questions to ask a real estate agent

Questions Agent 1 Name Agent 2 Name Agent 3 Name
How long has your company been selling?
How long have you been selling?
How many salespeople are in your team?
What awards has your company won?
What testimonials do you or your company have?
How many houses do you sell like mine?
How many potential buyers do you have for my home? Can you prove that?
What innovative marketing can you offer (e.g. social media campaigns)?
If I change my mind, can I get out of your contract?
Why should I use you?
Could you role play with me how you’d deal with a low offer?
What Google rating does your company have?
Can you give me contact details for any sellers you’ve helped recently?
Do you have examples of recent cases where you’ve got a client more money?
Overall impression 0/10 /10 /10 /10
Ranking (1,2,3)

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