Why you should Choose Your Agency before Choosing Your Agent

Say you decide you want to sell your home. What are the first questions that pop into your head?

“How much can I sell it for?”
“How long will it take to sell?”
“Is now a good time to sell?”

You will probably also ask yourself who should sell your house. Let’s talk about this for a moment.

Unless you know a good real estate agent already, your search will usually result in a handful of sales representatives walking through your home offering advice and appraising your home. The decision of which agent to use is often made based on who the owners like best, who sounded the most confident and/or who quoted the best price.

A good start, but be mindful that when you are talking to these sales representatives you are a prospect, not a client (yet). That means that every one of them will do their utmost best to come across confident and likeable. It tells you very little about how they work. Are they good communicators? Is negotiating a strength? Will they give you regular feedback and reports? Will they still be likeable after you signed the dotted line?

The only way to be sure that that friendly, confident sales person really is the best possible choice is to look at the agency they work for.

If you choose your agency wisely, you will be assured that using their representative is also a wise decision.

You see, the reality is that while excellent sales people may work for horrible companies, the opposite doesn’t apply: excellent agencies do not employ and retain terrible agents – it would very quickly erode their standing in the market! So by choosing the best agency, you’re assured that you will get to work with a quality agent. It’s that simple!

So next time you contact an agent to appraise your home, check they agency they work for. Ask questions on how their office supports them, what the culture is like. Ask about the agency’s performance, not just the agent’s. It’ll provide you with a much better overall picture of the quality of services you’re likely to receive.

What constitutes an EXCELLENT agency? Read HERE.

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